About MCR

Meet Connect Refer pretty much says it all but here are a few other things you might like to know about us.
Our purpose is to establish a quality network of contacts who we're happy to refer work to for mutual benefit.  Most of us have known each other for some some time and  we welcome new attendees who share similar ethics.
We meet every other Friday morning from 8.30 to around 10.30 in a pub where unlimited drinks (not alcoholic!) and a great breakfast are available if that's your thing.  This also says a lot about the group - this is on the informal side of networking so the ambience is important.  However, we do have some rules and expectations:
Whilst we don't insist on a referral being given, that is ultimately what we're there for, so you need to be prepared to contribute.  We do record referrals and the revenue they generate, not to keep tabs on people, but to prove that it generates business!
Our members are a diverse lot, but we do insist on only having beneficial competition amongst members.  So, two solicitors is fine if they do different things and they and the group can manage any overlap to mutual benefit.
We expect commitment, otherwise these things just don't work, so we request that 5 out of 6 meetings are attended, or a colleague / substitute sent. We also expect that an effort is made outside the meetings to get to know the other members better.  Many current members stay on after the meeting to do this and some are still there at normal opening time...
There is a small membership fee, and a fee payable directly to the pub of £10, which includes the breakfast.
You'll get, depending on numbers, anywhere between 1 & 2 minutes to introduce yourself.  We'll often have a longer slot of up to 10 minutes from one of the regulars.